Fastest Payout Casinos 2024

Withdrawals are an integral and also critical part of the your gambling experience. A withdrawal allows you to withdraw your winnings from your online casino account. There are different types of withdrawal methods and also different time periods for these withdrawals to take effect and the money to reach your account. This is true for online casinos worldwide and holds good for South African online casinos as well.

The time taken for a casino to process a withdrawal is vital information for online casino fans. It can actually influence a player’s decision regarding which online casino to play at. For instance, a player may opt to play at a casino that offers short withdrawal processing times because it means he would be able to get his winnings faster there.

Fastest Payout Casinos in South Africa

Typical Withdrawal Turnaround Times

Most online casinos advise players to ensure that they use the same payment method for depositing as well as withdrawing funds. That way, the process is smoother as all the details required to use a particular method is provided to the casino at the time of registering an account itself. Of course, a player can use an alternate method for withdrawing funds if the method used to deposit funds does not support withdrawal from an online casino account. Every withdrawal method has a withdrawal turnaround time associated with it.

Before we discuss the typical withdrawal turnaround times at our list of top-rated South African casinos let us take a brief look at the different types of withdrawals available to South African online casino players.

Typical Withdrawal Types

There are a large number of withdrawal types that South African fastest payout casinos support. Also, most of the They can all be together clubbed under the following categories:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • E-wallets
  • Pre-paid cards
  • Bank deposit methods

Credit cards and debit cards

Credit cards are among the most popular payment methods at casinos that have fast withdrawals, and they are equally popular when it comes to withdrawing funds from an online casino account as well. The first step is to register your credit card with the casino. Then all you need to do is go to the withdrawal segment of the Cashier section of the casino, select the credit card option and the card you have registered, fill in the amount and other required details, and then click Withdraw. You also need to provide the casino with the required documentation for identification and authentication purposes. The casino then processes the transaction and within the given timeframe, the money is credited to your credit card account.

Debit cards are also popular as a withdrawal option. The process is more or less the same as for withdrawing to a credit card. The difference is that the money gets credited to your registered bank account within the timeframe mentioned by the casino. You need to provide the identification and authentication documents to the casino for the transaction to be approved.


E-wallets are popular as withdrawal methods at South African online casinos. This is because they interface between your bank account and your casino account, keeping the two as disparate entities and facilitating transactions between them. There are different types of e-wallets available nowadays, but not all of them are supported at casinos. Some of them are virtual cards, which means there is no tangible physical card you can have. Also, while most withdrawal methods come with a fee involved, using some of the e-wallets does not require a fee, for instance InstaDebit. The process for withdrawing is more or less the same for all withdrawal methods.

Prepaid cards

Prepaid cards are another good option for online casino withdrawals. You will of course need to register the prepaid card before you can use it to withdraw funds from your accounts. Once you have registered it and want to withdraw funds, select the pre-paid card you want to use from the list provided in the casino’s Withdrawal section and fill in the required details. Provide the documents that the casino asks for and once the transaction is approved, the casino pays out the money to you through the method you have chosen.

Bank deposits

A bank deposit is another option you can choose for withdrawing funds from your casino account. You must have a valid bank account for this transaction and register it with the online casino you are playing at. There are different types of bank deposit methods available at South African online casinos. These include wire transfer, instant transfer, and also checks. The amount of time taken for the money to reach your bank account varies depending on the option you choose.

Typical Turnaround Times

At every online casino, whenever you request for a withdrawal, the process does not get initiated immediately and transfers do not happen right away. There is a slight lag between the time you make the withdrawal request and the time the process gets initiated. This is because the casino takes a little while to check your request and approve it. This time that the casino takes is referred to as the withdrawal turnaround time.

The withdrawal turnaround time is different from the processing time. Different South African online casinos have different withdrawal turnaround times. You can check for this by either going through the terms and conditions section of the online casino’s website or contacting the casino’s customer support team. The withdrawal turnaround times vary for the different methods available and this is true of the five online casinos we have rated as the top five fastest payout casinos for South African players too.

Read our review - You can withdraw funds using any one of a number of methods available: NETeller, Skrill, wire transfer, and many others. The withdrawal turnaround time varies at this casino depending on which method you opt for. It ranges between a day and two if you use Skrill or NETeller, to 5-7 days for using wire transfer. Checks can take even more time, up to 15-20 working days. Play Now
Read our SpringBok Casino review Springbok Casino - This South African online casino supports e-wallets and bank transfers – NETeller, Skrill, EcoPayz, and bank wire transfer – for withdrawal; credit cards are not supported. There is a 72-hour pending period at this casino before your withdrawal request processing starts. It takes between 48 and 72 hours for a transaction to be completed post approval using e-wallets, while bank transfers take between 10-20 business days post approval. Play Now
Read our Silver Sands Casino review Silver Sands Casino - This is one of the oldest South African online casinos and supports multiple withdrawal methods. At this casino, players can withdraw funds through credit cards (Visa and MasterCard), e-wallets (NETeller and Skrill), and bank transfers (bank wire transfer). There is a 48-72 hours pending period before your withdrawal request is initiated. Credit card withdrawals take about 2-5 days, bank wire transfers take between 3-7 days, and e-wallets take a maximum of 48 hours. Play Now

There may also be specific issues related to specific withdrawal methods, which is why it is important to choose the right method, the method that works best for you. The time period that a casino takes to verify your identity and approve your withdrawal request before processing it can cause a delay in the transaction process. Take for instance a method like bank wire transfer. The withdrawal turnaround time for this method is more than what it takes for a method like a credit or debit card withdrawal, because approval for documents takes longer.

On the other hand, with e-wallets, the delay is not much as they are third party vendors. As a result, the overall transaction time does not get affected too badly.

"Know Your Customer (KYC)" Documentation Needed For Casino Withdrawals

Whenever you request for a withdrawal of funds, one vital step is to provide documentation to the online casino. The casinos ask for documentation to verify that you are the account holder and ensure that the money does not go to the wrong person. This is critical, as there is no direct or face-to-face interaction between the casino and the player, unlike in a traditional land-based casino. And that is tricky terrain to maneuver. A casino has to be thorough in its validation and verification process to ensure it does not leave itself open to errors.

There are different documents that a casino needs to verify before approving a transaction. The following are some of the documents that almost every online casino requires before approving a transaction.

Valid photographic identification: The casino requires a copy of some form of valid photographic identification to establish the authenticity of the person claiming the withdrawal. Such a document should ideally have the player’s name, photograph, and signature clearly visible. Such a document could be the player’s passport, driving license, or national ID.

Credit card: If a player has funded his casino account using a credit card, then the casino asks for a copy of the front and back of the credit card used. The player has the authority to block out the middle numbers as well as the 3-digit code at the back of the credit card. The player has to provide such copies of every credit card he uses, in case he uses more than one card. Some casinos give the option of providing a copy of the latest credit card statement in the event that the player is unable to provide a copy of the card itself.

Proof of residential address: Some casinos ask for this document to verify the address provided at the time of registering. A player can provide either a copy of his bank statement or of one of his utility to fulfill this requirement. Also, the identification documents are required only the once.

Certain online casinos may also require additional documentation, like a notarized ID, bank reference, and others. You can send all the required documents to the online casino by fax, e-mail, or snail mail.