Responsible Gambling

Online gaming has a certain edge that distinguishes itself from the rest of the entertainment industry - playing for money. That in itself is a reason to bring the notion of responsible gaming into the mix, since a whole range of potential problems can arise if the boundaries are crossed for normal, entertainment only play.

What is Responsible Gaming?

The term describes a predetermined set of rules that include playing at your country's legal gambling age and using disposable income that isn't tied to a loan or other form of financial constraint. It is also about knowing the limits in a winning and losing situation - knowing when to stop is a way to either get something out of your game time or cut your losses to avoid even greater financial loss. Often, it is also about seeking help and recognizing you have a problem that you can't solve yourself.

Recognizing You Have a Gambling Problem

Like all addictions, recognizing you have a gambling problem requires asking questions. Do you spend more and more time online, even if you feel bored, unhappy and unfulfilled? Do you continue to gamble even if you are on a continuous losing streak? Do you obsess over lost games long even after you've stopped playing? Are you lying to cover your gambling needs and get more funds to cover your gambling debts? These are just part of the questions that might lead you to do something about your condition.

Gambling and the Effects on Other People

While you might be the one experiencing the bulk of the problems related with gambling addiction, the people closest to you will also be affected. This would mean taking out your stress and needs out on people that are part of your life, either asking for money or a loan to fund your games when you've run out of money.

Seek Professional Help

The best way to start dealing with your gambling problems is to consult professional help. There are many gambling related, nonprofit organizations that offer professional help to overcome your addictions, with specialized programs and advice to get you through it.

Seek out these organizations in your country and give them a call if you think you need help.

Our Part

What we can offer is to remove your contact from our mailing list so you will not be tempted to return to another gaming session and help you with your transition.