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Gambling and card games have been around for centuries, even millennia, but the world of gambling is full of innovations. New games appear constantly. Some of them don’t stick around and are easily forgotten, some become quite popular. Caribbean poker, or Caribbean stud poker is a fairly new game, it was first played three decades ago.

Similar to other types of poker, the goal is to beat the dealer, i.e. to have a better hand. Players can also fold, if they think that that is not good hand and they are likely to lose. One thing that is a specific characteristic of Caribbean poker is progressive jackpot feature. In fact, many reckon that this is what makes Caribbean stud poker so popular.

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      Caribbean Poker

    • Caribbean Poker

      Five card poker game from a single deck. Dealer has one card exposed and only plays A or K. Royal Flush pays 200 to 1.
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The Basics of Caribbean Poker

In the beginning of every game of Caribbean poker the player is supposed to make an ante bet. Most players would make a bet on the progressive jackpot too, but this is optional. Afterwards the dealer would deal five cards both to the player and to himself. The cards come from a regular deck of 52 cards. Only one of dealer’s cards is open and the player can see it. After checking his cards and the cards of the dealer the player can either keep playing or fold. If he wants to keep playing he is supposed to double the initial ante bet. For the player to qualify, his hands must have a poker combination or at least an ace and a king. Just like in most types of poker, royal flush is the strongest hand.

Caribbean Poker Online

Since Caribbean poker is played against the dealer and not against other players, the similarities between a game of Caribbean poker online and a game of Caribbean poker in a regular brick and mortar casino are minor. It’s you against the house. And playing it online, it means you can you’re your Rands on the trip to the casino, because you can comfortably sit at home and play, no matter where in South Africa are you. And that’s pretty convenient, isn’t it?!

Caribbean Poker for Free

Of course, luck is the most important element in every card game. However, it certainly isn’t the only element. There is some knowledge and some strategy involved in card games, and Caribbean poker is no exception. The best way for you to try out different strategies, when it comes to keep playing or folding, is to try playing it at our site for free, without risking your hard-earned Rands. When you are certain that you understand the game and you think that you have found the right strategy, you can ‘open your wallet’ and see what happens. It’ll certainly be fun! Who knows, you might even win the large progressive jackpot!