SA Credit Card Casinos

Credit cards have become an integral of our lives, although not many people could have seen that coming when they were invented in the middle of the last century. The sturdy piece of plastic is a favorite among shoppers, for the many perks that it offers, but mostly because of the relative safety. Credit cards are especially popular when it comes to online payments and e-commerce, as they offer simplicity and ease of use. Online casino players prefer credit card as a payment method, because they make the money transfers almost instantaneous, and can be used for both deposits and withdrawals.

About Credit Cards

Credit cards used for e-commerce transactions are the ones issued by banks (unlike the ones branded by department stores and other merchants). When a credit card is issued to you, you will be approved a line of credit up to a specific amount of Rands. Afterwards, payments online are made very simple. But make sure that you only deal with reliable, established online merchants committed to protecting your personal details against credit card fraud. Upon making any kind of purchase you’ll be asked to provide the credit card number and the expiry date. Some establishments may also ask for the cards security code for the so called “card not present transactions.”

Rands Credit Card Casinos

Almost all online casinos in South Africa accept at least one form of credit card for making deposits into your casino account. Most widely accepted cards are Visa and MasterCard. Usually, online casinos which take credit cards for deposits also process withdrawals via the same credit card, which makes the process that much more convenient. After you receive the money in your account, you are free to use them in a number of ways: withdraw cash from an ATM; use the card to make purchases or make a different deposit in your favorite South African online casino.

Advantages of Credit Cards

All major credit cards are very easy to use, whether it is for making deposits or for withdrawals, at any online merchant, including casinos. Credit card transactions are processed immediately, and it’s not necessary to have funds on hand at the moment. After every transaction you will receive an itemized statement detailing the purchase (or purchases), which can be paid off in stages if you so desire. And if you wish to dispute a charge, you have an option of a charge back.